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If you are a student at Vancouver Island University, use the form below to create your student computer account or reset your account password, computer network account (Discovery account) or reset your account password.

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"I understand that I am bound by the Vancouver Island University Policy 45.01, Use of Information Technology , and that failure to abide by the policy may result in the withdrawal of my computing privileges or more serious penalties."


Need Help? - Important Information:

  • What is a Student Number?
    • Your Student Number is the nine digit number displayed on your Student ID Card.
    • *New Students*: Your student numbers are printed on your Registration letters.

  • Forgot your password?
    • Your password is the one you use to access your online Student Record for web registration, wait lists, timetables, grades, etc. If you have registered for courses online, you have a registration Student Record Password.

    • Never registered online? - Instead of entering your Student Record Password, you can use your birth date in the following format - YYMMDD example: If your birth date is July 5, 1987, it would be entered as 870705

    • Reset your password online at by clicking the "I forgot my Student Record Password" button.

    • Still stuck? Visit one of the following campus offices in person with your student card:
      • The IT Helpdesk - Library Commons in Building 305 (Nanaimo Campus)
      • Student Records in Building 200 (Nanaimo Campus)
      • Student Records at (Cowichan Campus)

  • New Password Requirements:
    • Passwords are case-sensitive.
    • Length: Your new password must be between 8 and 24 characters
    • Complexity: Your password must contain 3 of the following 4 options:
      • upper case letters
      • lower case letters
      • numbers
      • special characters
    • History: Passwords cannot be too similar to an old password you've used previously.